National Informatics Centre

National Informatics Centre has started its operation in Kra Daadi district from April 2018. The main activities of NIC in the district are as follows:

NICNET connectivity

NIC has established new Generation VSAT connectivity at Palin (Temporary District HQ). This helps the district administration to maintain email communication and implement various e-Governance projects.

Video Conferencing

The NIC District Centre is provided with Video Conferencing which helps the District Administration and Government Departments to participate in national and state level video conferences.

eMail Services

Necessary support is provided to create email under GOV.IN domain to Government functionaries.

District Website

District website has been developed using S3WaaS framework which is GIGW compliant.

eServices (

Following services are being supported

  1. Caste Certificate
  2. Permanent / Temporary Residence Certificate
  3. Service Identity Card
  4. Income Certificate
  5. Dependent Certificate

Arms License Information System

It is a project initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI to create database of all Arms license issued in the country. All arms license are issued UCF (Unique Case File) on correct entry and approval.
Kra Daadi District is working on ALIS, for which necessary training has been provided.

Other projects such as Payroll, Dak Management System will also be implemented in due course.

Contact email : dio-kradaadi[at]gov[dot]in